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Winter BBQ Tacos


This is a brilliant dish when your grille is covered in 2′ of snow and you really need a little summer flavor.Winter BBQ Tacos ~ BBQ Rub Tacos w/ Grape Tomato Chutney, Special Reserve Aged White Cheddar Queso & Warm Chips.

Let’s Get Started!

Start with the Grape Tomato Chutney…Mix the above ingredients together and chill while you prepare the rest of the Winter BBQ Taco ingredients.Chop romaine lettuce & grate a block of sharp cheddar. Set aside…

Add 1-2Tbs. of olive oil into a large skillet on med/high heat. Add garlic and chopped onion…saute until caramelized (brown in color). Add in your ground chuck and saute until cooked. Drain off grease and return to med. heat. Add two tablespoons of your favorite BBQ rub and salt and pepper to taste & one can of Rotel…simmer until browned and tomatoes are warmed. Set aside…

Warm taco shells in oven (you can also make your own tortillas, but I don’t have the motivation¬† to make them during the winter…will post recipes this summer). I like to garnish my tacos with a wedge of lime, fresh chopped cilantro & sour cream. Pair this with a fresh guacamole salad & chips (no avocados were available much to my disappointment) or queso and warm chips (I made one with a special reserve aged white cheddar, cream cheese & Rotel). Mix up your favorite margarita and enjoy with friends!